Online Gambling Ad Spend Report 2022


The Online Gambling business vertical is presenting a burgeoning opportunity for local media sellers that operate in states where gambling is legal. For 2022, BIA estimates that the total nationwide advertising spend will be just close to two billion and, for local markets, this spend can be a win-win for identifying and securing local ad revenue.

Track the Online Gambling ad spend in your local market with BIA’s new forecast estimates that cover all 210 U.S. television markets across the top media channels. Delivered as an Excel file for easy use and sorting.

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New to BIA’s forecast is the Online Gambling vertical. BIA defines this vertical as all advertising revenue generated by services and businesses that provide online gambling in the states that have legalized the ability to bet on sports or other gambling while in that state.

Track the opportunity across local markets with the new forecast, Online Gambling Ad Spend Report 2022. This forecast covers all 210 TV markets to examine ad spend across the following media channels:

  • Television OTA, Cable, Radio OTA, Direct Mail and Digital/Online

The report is delivered in an Excel format that is easy to import into a CRM system or other marketing/business tools. Use the data as a basis for financial projections, presentations, sales sheets or investment prospectuses.

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  • Understand Online Gambling ad spend to examine new opportunities for local sellers.
  • Unlock new advertising revenue opportunities.
  • Ground strategic advertising planning in solid research.

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