2024 Local Advertising Forecast: Local Video


Are you ready to unlock the potential of local video advertising in 2024? Dive into the future with BIA’s comprehensive 2024 Local Video Forecast! Discover how a staggering $39.6 Billion is shaping the local ad scene, where every one in four dollars is spent on local video ad platforms. The report covers top channels like Local Over-the-Air TV, Lcal Cable, Mobile, PC/Laptop, OOH and Connected TV (CTV). And for political advertisers, find out why CTV/OTT’s skyrocketing growth could mean groundbreaking returns for campaigns. This isn’t just data – this forecast report is your strategic advantage in a competitive market.


The Local Video Advertising Forecast report covers the local video portion of BIA’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast that tracks paid advertising spend across local media channels.

In this forecast report, you’ll get details on BIA’s local video estimate combines advertising revenue from each of these media:

  • Local Television – all its core over-the-air advertising revenue
  • Local Cable – all its local cable systems’ advertising revenue
  • Out-of-Home – digital cinema advertising revenue and advertising revenue from out-of-home video delivery (e.g., taxicab video)
  • PC/Laptop – portion of local online revenue generated from video advertising by pure-play online companies and online sites of other local media
  • Mobile – revenue from advertising related to mobile video services
  • Connected TV/Over-the-Top (CTV/OTT) – all locally targeted advertising revenue sold on streaming video that is delivered to TV sets via Internet connections.

The forecast report covers all 210 video markets and includes:

  • Local Video Advertising Trends
  • Historic and Forecasted Television Revenue
  • Local TV and CTV/OTT Revenue
  • Historic and Forecasted Local Video Revenue
  • 2023-2027 Share of Video Revenue
  • Local Video Annual Revenue Changes
  • Top 10 Business Verticals in Local TV Platforms
  • Video Trends in 2024

Use the data as a basis for financial projections, presentations, sales sheets or investment prospectuses.

Why purchase?

  • Understand Local Video ad spend to examine new opportunities for local sellers.
  • Unlock new advertising revenue opportunities.
  • Ground strategic advertising planning in solid research.