Insights into Local Advertising – Legal Services Vertical October 2020 Update


Examine how businesses in the legal services vertical will spend in local advertising in the report, “Insights in Local Advertising 2020 – Legal Services Vertical.” Using BIA’s U.S. Ad Forecast, the report examines how advertising dollars are being allocated and spent across traditional and digital media and the estimated ad spend for 2020-2024. Legal Services is a large category for local sellers and includes offices of legal practitioners known as lawyers or attorneys (i.e., counselors-at-law) primarily engaged in the practice of law.

The report is part of a series designed to help local media organizations understand the media spending trends and behaviors of advertisers within key vertical industries, as well as how consumer media consumption behavior drives marketing spend allocation. Published: Oct. 2020

Number of Pages: 9

The report “Insights in Local Advertising 2020 – Legal Services Vertical” examines local media spending trends for legal services businesses from 2020-2024.

BIA defines the Legal Services vertical as comprising offices of legal practitioners known as lawyers or attorneys (i.e., counselors-at-law) primarily engaged in the practice of law. Establishments in this industry may provide expertise in a range or in specific areas of law, such as criminal law, corporate law, family and estate law, patent law, real estate law, or tax law.

This vertical ad report offers the following analysis:

  • Detailed overview of legal services spending in all TV markets across 16 media for 2020, 2021 and 2024.
  • Profile of legal services’ ad spending to examine growth and declines in traditional and digital media.
  • List of the ad spend in the top 10 U.S. markets in 2020.
  • Review of the digital trends and ad platforms that legal services’ businesses are activity exploring.
  • Comprehensive take-aways for both media companies and platform solution providers that offer actionable advice on where local sellers should focus their efforts within the Legal services sub-vertical.

Who should read this report?

  • Local sellers actively selling to businesses within the legal services sub-verticals
  • Media leaders seeking a strategic approach to legal services and attorneys
  • Marketing platform developers
  • Analysts, Investors

Figures and tables included in the report include: 

  • Distribution of Legal Services Ad Spend by Media for 2020 and 2021
  • Legal Services Spending in Digital vs. Traditional Media
  • Legal Services Spending by media share 2020 and 2024

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