Insights into Local Advertising – Healthcare Vertical


Discover the key factors driving spending in the Healthcare category. Stay informed about the recent spending trends for Offices of Physicians, Dentists, and Chiropractors, as well as Hospitals, as they rebound from the pandemic and return to normal levels.  

Plan for the future by understanding the overall trends from 2023 to 2027. Traditional Media is projected to decrease by 8.9% Year over Year in 2024, while Digital Media is expected to grow by 1.2%. Embrace the media channels with the highest annual growth, including PC/Laptop, CTV/OTT, Magazines Digital, Email, and TV OTA.  

Don’t miss out on the potential of CTV/OTT, the leading media in terms of relative YoY share growth in healthcare spending. Get valuable insights and make informed decisions, as CTV/OTT accounts for only 2.2% of the total expenditure.  

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BIA Healthcare category includes:  

  • Health and personal care stores 
  • Hospitals 
  • Nursing & residential care facilities 
  • Offices of Optometrists 
  • Offices of Physicians, Dentists and Chiropractors 
  • Personal Care Services 
  • Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturers 

This vertical ad report offers the following analysis: 

  • Detailed overview of Healthcare spending in all TV markets to examine growth and declines in traditional and digital media 
  • Examination of Healthcare Category spending by 16 media 
  • Identification of media growing share of ad spend 
  • Digital trends 2023-2027 
  • Local strategies for Selling into the Healthcare vertical 

Who should read this report? 

  • Local sellers actively selling to Healthcare businesses. 
  • Chief Revenue Officers setting goals and budgets for local sales 
  • Media leaders seeking a strategic approach to Healthcare Analysts, Investors 

Figures and tables included in the report include:  

  • Total Healthcare businesses across Media Channels (2019 – 2027) 
  • Top Media Channels by Spend and Growth in 2024 
  • Distribution of Healthcare businesses by Media Channel (2023-2025) 
  • Spending in Digital vs. Traditional Media (2023-2027) 
  • Digital Spending by Ad Platform 2024