Healthcare Marketing Bundle: Marketers Survey, Ad Report, Consumer Reports


Explore the promotional approaches and tactics of healthcare marketers with a comprehensive survey that investigates the ad expenditure of hospitals, physician groups, medical clinics, dental and vision care organizations, along with other healthcare facilities. Discover their preferred marketing and advertising channels, overall marketing aims, and objectives. Moreover, examine their growing adoption of CTV/OTT and how consumer behavior influences their marketing strategies.

Upon purchasing this bundle, you will receive the full survey findings, along with a healthcare advertising report, special CTV/OTT assessment, and consumer reports from key segments. The bundle provides valuable insights and assessments beneficial for agencies, solution providers, and regional sellers collaborating with this specialized group of marketers. An on-demand briefing offering in-depth analysis of the survey findings will be provided once the purchase is complete.

Produced by BIA and SalesFuel.


BIA predicts that healthcare advertising will exceed $12 billion in 2024. Where exactly will those funds be allocated?

BIA and SalesFuel have collaborated to create this unique survey aimed at uncovering answers and examining this essential group of marketers. By purchasing this survey along with its supplementary reports, you’ll gain access to:

  • Full Survey of Questions and Responses
  • Healthcare Advertising Analysis for 2024
  • Hospital Expenditure in CTV/OTT
  • Insights from 5 AudienceScan® Profiles from AdMall: Potential Physician Switchers, Injectable Filler/Botox/Collagen Clients, Elective Surgery Planners, Eldercare/Nursing Home Shoppers (AudienceSCAN® offers psychographic details and digital audience segmentation based on 15,080 US adult internet users. SalesFuel’s proprietary yearly study examines online shoppers’ behaviors and digital audiences in America.)

The bundle provides a unique and comprehensive look at healthcare marketers.  Upon purchase, the bundle also provides a link to an On-Demand Analyst Briefing that offers insights and analysis from BIA’s VP Forecasting, Nicole Ovadia, and SalesFuel’s Founder & CEO, C. Lee Smith.


The Healthcare Marketing Bundle is published by local advertising and sales intelligence experts: BIA Advisory Services and SalesFuel.

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