Programmatic is Coming to Local TV in 2017


The insight report “Programmatic Is Coming to Local TV in 2017, Vol. 2, No. 1” inspects the fast-moving programmatic TV landscape. The report examines the players, alliances and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions at the heart of the marketplace. It also reviews the key developing product roadmaps that seek to offer cross-platform and cross-functional solutions.

Key elements of the report are exclusive leadership interviews with the following companies: AdMore, Cox, Empower, NCC Media, Nielsen, TubeMogul and Turner. Read this report to understand the economic potential of programmatic and learn from experts leading the efforts.

The potential of programmatic advertising in local TV is detailed in the 44 page paper, “Programmatic Is Coming to Local TV in 2017, Vol. 2, No. 1.”

The third in a series of programmatic reports, this new report for 2017 offers a deep dive into the players and their emerging cross-platform and cross-functional solutions and the economic potential of programmatic.

According to the report, BIA Advisory Services’s latest ad forecast for ad spending targeting local video audiences shows this market will grow by $5 billion from $32.6 billion in 2016 to $37.6 billion by 2021. Most of this growth comes from digital video and local TV. The growth in digital video comes from the higher engagement and ROI marketers and agencies attribute to video as a message type. As programmatic becomes more of a reality in broadcast and MVPD video platforms, the paper explains how some of the ad spend being forecasted to digital video could be captured by the linear video platforms.

For context on programmatic, the paper features interviews with a panel of industry experts from key companies, including: AdMore, Cox, Empower, NCC Media, Nielsen, TubeMogul and Turner. They reflect on key topics, including:

  • Key partnerships or initiatives
  • Compatibility of programmatic TV with traditional selling process
  • Impact on commercial inventory sales
  • Acceptance of programmatic TV at agencies

Panel of experts interviewed in the report:

  • Brendan Condon President, AdMore
  • Kim Guthrie President Michele Toller Vice President, Offline Investment & Activation Empower Media Marketing, Cox Media Group
  • Nick Garramone Senior Vice President of eBusiness Operations and Research, NCC
  • Andrew Feigenson Managing Director, Nielsen
  • Jes Santoro SVP Programmatic and Advanced TV Sales, TubeMogul
  • Larry Allen VP, Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Turner

The report contains interviews of companies interviewed and published in earlier reports:

  • 4C Insights
  • Cadent
  • comScore
  • Epsilon
  • Experian
  • Hubbard Broadcasting
  • Placemedia
  • Quantum 11
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Strata
  • The Media Kitchen
  • US International Media
  • Videa
  • WideOrbit

“The innovation being displayed in local TV and programmatic is becoming more widespread. Our latest research reveals the landscape of programmatic players is growing more complex as companies offer more cross-platform and cross-functional solutions. These developments are being supported by new alliances and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and sophisticated product roadmaps.  This report steps back and examines the possibilities of local TV toward programmatic buying and selling and its impact on the digital ad spend.”

Rick Ducey, report author and managing director, BIA Advisory Services

For a reflection on programmatic, the narrative,“Programmatic TV: Is This the Best of All Possible Worlds?,” prepared by industry expert Mitch Oscar examines the three stages of programmatic TV:

  1. The Local Conundrum: Cable vs. Broadcast
  2. Contextual Audience Networks (CANs)
  3. Current State of Programmatic TV

Report authors:

  • Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services
  • Mitch Oscar, Director of Programmatic TV Strategy, USIM and Executive Industry Adviser, BIA Advisory Services