Advertising and Marketing Behaviors of 1-19 Employee Businesses


What ad revenue opportunities are available with businesses that have 2 to 19 employees? From our survey of local business advertising and marketing, this BIA SAM™ report looks at where businesses of this size spend the most dollars and reveals their top choices for channels for marketing and advertising.  The report also covers their use of channels to purchase advertising from local media sales and their direct online and local media sources for buying digital. Get a better understanding of the ad strategies of the very small local businesses and determine where your media channel can gain new revenue ground.

BIA’s SAM™ survey of advertising and marketing tracks more than 45 different media platforms that fall into these top-level groups:

  • Online (e.g., search, display ads, blogs)
  • Traditional (e.g., direct mail, newspapers)
  • Broadcast
  • Video (e.g., website videos, YouTube)
  • Mobile (e.g., search, SMS, display)
  • Social (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, promoted tweet)
  • Local directories (print and online)

This report delivers the SAM results from very small businesses with 2 to 19 employees to explore their spend behavior, preferences in advertising and future marketing plans.  It includes charts and data, along with strategic and sales strategies that provide the following information and more:

  • Spend and use of media including digital, mobile and social
  • Future ad spend
  • ROI of media used
  • Spend on updating digital properties
  • Ad-related services used
  • DIY vs. managed services for digital advertising
  • Media selling strategies for local TV, local radio, local newspaper and digital firms to increase their sales opportunities with very small businesses

Who Should Read This Report?

  • Executives in charge of marketing and/or product development targeted to SMBs
  • Senior leaders evaluating opportunities in the SMB marketplace
  • Any executive with a role in selling digital or traditional media products
  • Anyone focused on the trends and direction of small businesses