US Local Mobile Local Social Ad Forecast


The smartphone has revolutionized advertising and consumer buying. But many businesses are still operating with a desktop mindset. The next era of local mobile and local social will be defined by location-based marketing and native-social and multimedia, not banner ads and traditional search.

Identify the opportunity in the 2019 U.S. Local Advertising Forecast: Mobile and Social. It provides a complete overview of paid U.S. local advertising for local mobile and local social. It includes a five-year national overview of total U.S. spending in local markets and market-based advertising revenue estimates. The forecast provides 360-degree view of the market for local mobile and social advertising spent by national, regional and SMB advertisers to target messaging to specific geographic markets.


The 2019 U.S. Local Advertising Forecast: Mobile and Social delivers a five-year national overview of total U.S. spending in local markets. BIA defines local advertising as all advertising platforms that provide access to local audiences for national, regional and local marketers.

The forecast offers a comprehensive and authoritative view of the local mobile and social landscape, delivering an objective and credible five-year market outlook and analyzing the key drivers and assumptions behind top-line numbers

Forecast Contents

National Overview – Total U.S. Spending

  • Total U.S. ad spending nationally and in local markets (analysis and insights by BIA Chief Economist and analyst team)
  • Local advertising five-year forecast
  • Local ad market and traditional media
  • Steady shift toward digital media (dollars & percentage)

Mobile and Social Forecasts

  • Five-year forecasts for each media
  • Revenues and shares for each media
  • Order of media per their contribution to local media pie in 2017
  • Annual revenue changes for each media

Critical Analysis Topics

  • Location-targeted mobile ad spend and revenues
  • Mobile advertising revenue drivers
  • Local-Targeted Mobile Ad Spend by Format
  • Social mobile versus desktop/tablet ad spend
  • Social media advertising by company
  • Local versus national ad spend for mobile and social

Who Should Read This Report?

  • Media executives in charge of planning and budgeting advertising spending
  • CMOs, CROs
  • Ad agencies
  • Local advertising resellers
  • AdTech or MarTech companies
  • Sales leaders and sales strategists
  • Journalists, analysts, investors tracking mobile tech, media and advertising evolution

NOTE: This forecast is derived from the firm’s U.S. Local Advertising Forecast that includes revenue estimates for twelve media (i.e., online/digital, mobile, direct mail, television, radio, IYP and PYP, Out-of-Home, social, newspapers and magazines.)