2023 & 2024 Statewide & In State TV and Radio Markets Political Advertising Spend


Special Bundle offer for state broadcast associations

The upcoming election season is poised to bring significant political revenue, and BIA has the local political ad spend data to help state associations and their members capitalize on it.

Get BIA’s forecast for total political ad spend for your state by state as well as by TV and radio markets within your state. This is a special bundle that gives you two different views of the political ad spend. The ad data covers spend broken out by TV, radio, cable, OTT, Google and Facebook. The ad spend includes all Federal, state and local spending.

This valuable forecast will help your members identify where campaigns and politicians are allocating their ad budgets within your state and how determine much money they can make on political advertising in their state.

The forecast is delivered via Excel format, allowing for easy sorting and manipulation.