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What’s Next: BIA/Kelsey 2017 Analyst Predictions


BIA/Kelsey analysts offer over 20 valuable predictions for 2017 to map the most pressing opportunities of the local marketing and advertising landscape. Predictions cover key topics for print, broadcast, mobile, social and digital media. The report examines emerging technologies, voice search, national versus local ad spend, franchise marketing, programmatic advertising, retransmission consent, local television over-the-air (OTA) revenue and trends and activities of small-business marketing. Purchase this 2017 predictions report for immediate, dependable insights about a transformative period of technology and media.


What’s the expected growth for mobile revenue? How much will national brands spend locally in 2017 to target local audiences? How will television stations fare in this non-political year? What’s the opportunity for voice search? Will programmatic become a significant factor in terms of ad spend? And, how much competition should radio expect from new and expanding audio and information sources?

These are just a few of the topics covered in BIA/Kelsey’s annual analyst predictions and fully described in the report, What’s Next: BIA/Kelsey 2017 Analyst Predictions.  These original and primary analyst predictions spell out BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing forecasting and analysis to offer key insights and data to businesses operating in the local marketing and advertising landscape.

This 15 page report includes insights from several of our analysts:

  • Mike Boland – Mobile, Social Media, Emerging Tech
  • Mitch Ratcliffe – Software, Publishing, On-Demand Economy
  • Celine Matthiessen – Competitive Intelligence, Market Research, Digital Media
  • Suzanne Ackley – Traditional Media, Social Media, Digital Media
  • Rick Ducey – Broadcast Media, Online Video, Programmatic Advertising
  • Mark Fratrik – Broadcast, Competitive Media

“Our annual predictions are more than an entertaining crystal-ball exercise. They represent the synthesis of our forecasting and analyses to help traditional, digital and online businesses get a lead on 2017 so they can approach the market with the right combination of strategies and offerings.”

Tom Buono, CEO, BIA/Kelsey

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