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What’s Next: BIA/Kelsey 2016 Analyst Predictions


BIA/Kelsey analysts offer over 20 valuable predictions for 2016 to map the future of the local marketing and advertising landscape. Predictions cover key areas, including mobile, social media, online media, search, online video, programmatic advertising, software, print media, small-business marketing, local media sales, broadcast media, publishing and the on-demand economy.


What’s the fate of local in 2016? Will mobile payments finally catch on? Is programmatic advertising really making its way “down market” to SMBs? And how will Google fare in a world increasingly dominated by apps?


These are just a few of the topics covered in BIA/Kelsey’s annual analyst predictions and fully described in the report, What’s Next: BIA/Kelsey 2016 Analyst Predictions.  These original and primary analyst predictions spell out BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing forecasting and analysis to offer key insights and data to businesses operating in the local marketing and advertising landscape.


This 15 page report details our top 10 predictions for 2016 and also provides detailed insights from several of our analysts:

  • Mike Boland covering Mobile, Social Media, Emerging Tech
  • Abid Chaudhry covering Online Media, Search, Local Digital Advertising
  • Charles Laughlin covering Print Media, Small Business Marketing, Local Media Sales
  • Rick Ducey covering Programmatic, Online Video, Broadcast Media,
  • Mitch Ratcliffe covering Software, Publishing, On-demand Economy


“Making predictions is a core part of what we do as analysts. This report spells out our ongoing forecasting and analysis, which will carry into 2016 with our day-to-day coverage of the local media and advertising industry.”

Michael Boland, chief analyst and VP, content, BIA/Kelsey

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