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Local Television Stations: Maintaining an Important Presence in 2016 & Beyond


BIA/Kelsey’s State of the Industry Report on local television stations examines how the television industry can maintain a prominent position in the local marketplace despite challenges from competition as rivals for viewing, viewers and advertisers emerge.

The report examines television’s position in the new media marketplace, its share with advertisers and key business categories, its opportunities with online/digital and the growth of the video advertising marketplace. Other topics covered include retransmission consent, technological and regulatory changes, and ownership rules.


The state of the television industry is detailed in the 67 page paper, “Local Television Stations: Maintaining an Important Presence in 2016 & Beyond.”

The report delivers a comprehensive assessment of the television industry and is a useful resource for anyone focused on the trends and direction of local television, including television groups and financial institutions and companies building interactive digital solutions being embraced by the industry.

Purchase the report to learn about:

  • The many viewing options now available to consumers and some recent data on the levels of viewing of those options
  • The increasingly important revenue stream of retransmission consent payments
  • Local television stations’ efforts to expand and improve their product offerings with advancements in technology
  • The regulatory and legal issues associated with local television station ownership
  • The level of television station trading activity in recent years, the reasons for it and the values of some local television station companies as per BIA/Kelsey’s local broadcast stock indices

“Although local television will experience new challenges, its overall position remains strong and valuable to the media marketplace. For certain advertising groups it continues as an important local platform. Still, the industry must begin reaching their local communities in different ways and by providing many access points for their advertiser clients.”

Mark Fratrik, chief economist and report author, BIA/Kelsey

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