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Television Broadcasting 2016: Current Assessment and Future Outlook


The report, Television Broadcasting 2016: Current Assessment and Future Outlook, examines the TV industry by profiling the 18 television groups that represent an estimated 80% of the industry’s revenue and examining the trends in local advertising, the digital shift, political advertising, retransmission consent, the spectrum auction and ATSC 3.0.

The report is based on BIA/Kelsey’s extensive data on television stations in the U.S. (MEDIA Access Pro) and local market advertising forecasts (Media Ad View).

Oriented towards industry executives, analysts and investors contemplating potential investment in the industry, order this report for a reliable analysis on the current state and future opportunity of the TV industry.


The report, Television Broadcasting 2016: Current Assessment and Future Outlook, delivers a comprehensive overview of the television industry by examining the current environment for television broadcasting and those factors that will drive the industry going forward.

The 45 page report covers trends in local advertising and the shift to digital; political advertising; retransmission consent; the spectrum auction; ATSC 3.0 and much more. It also includes an assessment of the television industry now and its potential value in 2020.

Answered in the report are four current and relevant questions, including:

  • Who are the major players in television broadcasting and how do they differ? The report includes a comparison and analysis of the network owned and operated television station groups, six large publicly traded companies primarily focused on television broadcasting and eight large privately held broadcasters. It compares their operating philosophies (markets served and affiliations), revenue generation and overall size.
  • How large is the television industry today? The report includes an examination of revenue generated by the eighteen profiled broadcast companies as well as their profitability and the implied value of the industry.
  • What are the key factors that will impact the television industry going forward? To examine future growth and opportunity, the report examines the TV industry against nine factors including:
    1. the economy and stock market
    2. Local advertising and the shift to online/digital advertising
    3. Political advertising
    4. Millennials and viewing trends
    5. Retransmission consent and reverse compensation
    6. Spectrum auction and repacking
    7. ATSC 3.0 and the potential of NextGen
    8. The FCC and future regulation
    9. Potential consolidation and the transaction marketplace.
  • Where will this industry be in 2020? Examining the current situation and those factors impacting this industry, this report contains BIA/Kelsey’s take on what each of these factors will mean for the industry and its potential strength and value in 2020.

The report is designed for anyone interested in what is going on in the television industry. In particular, the report is oriented towards industry executives, analysts and investors contemplating potential investment in the industry.

Main sections of the report include:

  • Executive Summary
  • TV Station Ownership Today
  • Operational Considerations
  • Financial Considerations
  • Factors Affecting Television Broadcasting
  • The Economy and Stock Market
  • Local Advertising
  • Political Advertising
  • Retransmission Consent and Reverse Compensation
  • The Spectrum Auction and Channel Repacking
  • ATSC 3.0 and New Business Models
  • Millennials, Smart Devices and Viewing Trends
  • The FCC and Future Regulatory Concerns
  • The Station Transaction Marketplace and Multiples
  • TV Station Ownership in 2020
  • APPENDIX A: Network O&O Station Group Overviews
  • APPENDIX B: Publicly Traded Company Overviews
  • APPENDIX C: Privately Held Company Overviews
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