SMBs with 10 to 99 Employees


BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor™ – SMBs with 10 to 99 Employees report examines the opportunity and current state of SMBs with 10 to 99 full-time employees. This report looks at where these SMBs spend the most as well as the top channels for marketing and advertising.  Additionally it looks at their use of non-advertising business tools and future plans for advertising. Of the full sample, 327 SMB respondents reported that they have between 10 to 99 full-time employees. Includes 23 slides of charts and data, as well as six pages of commentary.

LCM tracks more than 50 different media platforms, which fall into these 10 top-level groups:

  • Online (e.g., search, display ads, blogs)
  • Traditional (e.g., direct mail, newspapers)
  • Local coupons (print and online)
  • Broadcast
  • Giveaway items
  • Video (e.g., website videos, YouTube)
  • Mobile (e.g., search, SMS, display)
  • Social (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, promoted tweet)
  • Local directories (print and online)
  • Community sponsorships


Consisting of 23 slides of charts and data, as well as six pages of commentary, BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor – SMBs with 10 to 99 Employees covers the following areas and more:

  • Spend and use of media including mobile and social
  • Future ad spend
  • Spend on updating digital properties
  • Ad-related services used
  • DIY vs. managed services for digital advertising
  • 12-month marketing priorities


Who Should Read This Report?

  • Executives in charge of marketing and/or product development targeted to SMBs
  • Senior leaders evaluating opportunities in the SMB marketplace
  • Any executive with a role in selling digital or traditional media products
  • Anyone focused on the trends and direction of small businesses