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Plus Spender SMBs REPORT – LCM Wave 21


Small businesses in the US are diverse in size and spend on advertising. Larger small businesses have larger advertising budgets and spend more annually. This report examines the opportunity and preferences of small businesses respondents segment called Plus Spenders from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) survey.

Our Plus Spenders sample focuses on small businesses that spend more than $25,000 annually on advertising and marketing.

This report examines and provide tactics for leaders in product marketing, sales and strategy on what they should be offering to Plus Spenders. The report also looks at the future marketing and advertising use and spend by this group of small businesses. It includes unique and valuable insights into business tools, future spend by product, use of marketing automation and online platforms, as well as the type of online advertising this segment of advertisers purchase through traditional media channels.


This report details data from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor (LCM) survey of small businesses that spend more than $25,000 a year on marketing and advertising.

Companies that work with larger multi-location small businesses and franchises will find this report vital for selling marketing services, advertising and marketing software. Additionally, Plus Spenders have a unique advertising foot print; they use more channels and behave differently from small budget small businesses. Besides spending more, they use analytics and business tools at a higher rate to optimize their marketing efforts.

Key data in the report includes:

  • Online advertising (e.g., search, display ads, blogs)
  • Traditional advertising (e.g., direct mail, newspapers)
  • Print and online coupons
  • Broadcast advertising
  • Giveaway items
  • Video advertising (e.g., website videos, YouTube)
  • Mobile advertising (e.g., search, SMS, display)
  • Social advertising (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, promoted tweet)
  • Print and digital directory advertising
  • Community sponsorships and advertising

Who Should Read This Report?

  • Executives in charge of marketing and/or product development targeted to franchises and multi-location businesses
  • Senior leaders evaluating opportunities in the small business marketplace
  • Any executive with a role in selling digital or traditional media products to small businesses
  • Anyone focused on the trends and direction of small businesses

About the Survey

Local Commerce Monitor (LCM) is BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing survey of small and medium-sized businesses conducted. The newest wave conducted the third quarter of 2017 covers over 55+ media and platforms used by SMBs for advertising or promotion. The latest wave also reports on business tools, future spend by product, use of marketing automation and online platforms, as well as tracking for the type of online advertising purchase through traditional media channels.

Survey respondents are marketing spend decision makers who have certified they are the person most responsible for, or having primary influence in, deciding how their business advertises or promotes. The data are weighted to reflect the business census distribution of small businesses by employee count.  The data also closely represent the distribution of small businesses by size of market. The survey is executed by an independent research firm using a panel of highly engaged small businesses.

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