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Nationwide Ad View


BIA/Kelsey’s Nationwide Ad View report is part of the Media Ad View reporting suite. The report offers an aggregated summary of 210 markets, 12 media 12 verticals and 94 vertical subcategories to reveal where local advertising dollars are going nationwide. It is the most comprehensive overview of all paid media spending targeting local audiences. Media companies, ad agencies, investors and others use the report to identify the media where verticals are spending their advertising dollars nationwide.


The Nationwide Ad View Report explains nationwide ad spending by the top 12 verticals: Auto, education, financial/insurance, general services, government/political/religion, health care, leisure/recreation, media, real estate, restaurants, retail and technology.

Each Media Ad View Plus report offers:

  • Six Detailed Business Category Reports including:
    • Ad spending share by media (2016 vs. 2020)
    • Estimated annual ad revenues and growth
    • Online ad spending share by segment
    • Dashboard of all business category ad dollars by year, media and growth
  • Major Business Category Reports including:
    • Market summary
    • Annual total revenue and growth
    • Top 12 categories by top media to include TV OTA, TV Online, Email, Online, OOH, Print YP, Radio OTA, Radio Online, Cable TV, News Print, Newspaper and Magazine Online, Newspaper and Magazine Print, Internet YP
    • Total online spend

The report is delivered in Excel format that is easy to import into a CRM system or other marketing/business tools. Use the Media Ad View Plus data in financial projections, presentations, sales sheets or investment prospectuses.

Why purchase a Nationwide Ad View Report?

  • Understand nationwide ad spend by verticals and use to compare to individual markets
  • Unlock new advertising revenue opportunities
  • Ground strategic advertising planning in solid research
  • Identify effective diversification strategies to create compelling multiplatform advertising offers that include TV spots, mobile, social media and interactive for your target-rich local market

Who Should Read This Report?

  • Any sales executive with a role in selling digital or traditional media products to advertisers
  • Executives in charge of marketing and/or product development
  • Senior leaders evaluating advertising opportunities
  • Anyone focused on the trends and direction of advertising in a local market
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