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Mobile Local Discovery: The Next Era of Search


BIA/Kelsey’s Insight Paper “Mobile Local Discovery: The Next Era of Search” takes a close look at the historic transition from desktop to mobile and what it means for search in general and Google in particular.

This paper examines Google’s multipronged strategy to ensure it can remain competitive in the mobile era, from innovative products like Google Now to initiatives to link content between apps and improve the search experience on the mobile web.


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The Insight Paper “Mobile Local Discovery: The Next Era of Search” covers the state of search in today’s multi-screen world and discusses the moves Google is making to protect its dominant position and define mobile search over the next decade.


The paper covers:
– The nature of the threat to Google’s search prominence in the transition from browser-based search on the desktop to the fragmented mobile environment.
– The strategic thinking behind Google’s multipronged approach to mobile.
– Challenges to creating a seamless user experience on the mobile web and what Google is doing to address them.
– The concept of deep linking and how Google is making use of this concept to break down the informational barriers between apps.
– The emerging role of Google Now as a “hub” application, connecting Google properties and third party content and providing a new entry point for search.
– Google’s new emphasis on push notifications and the implied transition from desktop search to mobile discovery.
– The potential impact of wearables.
– Facebook as a competitive threat on mobile.
– The size of the offline commerce market and the significant link between offline and mobile.


List of Figures
• U.S. E-Commerce Sales as Percent of Retail Sales
• Local Share of Mobile Ad Spend by Format
• U.S. Local Search Market: Mobile vs. Desktop
• U.S. Local Search Volume: Mobile vs. Desktop


“The existence of trillions of web pages compelled the creation of Google’s advanced index and its friendly entry point that made all that information and knowledge accessible. But the app-heavy mobile environment — already siloed into neat little packages — doesn’t beg for a search engine. This is worrisome for Google, whose biggest and most under-recognized challenge will be migrating its dominance into a digital world that has alternate entry points.”
Michael Boland, Chief Analyst and VP of Content, BIA/Kelsey, Report Author

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