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Market Ad View


Market Ad View provides a forecast snapshot of a local marketplace, including the relative share of media for each of the 12 different media segments for the current year and for five years and 12 verticals. Select the market of your choice.



Coverage: 1 MARKET, 12 MEDIA, 12 VERTICALS

Market Ad View, part of the Media Ad View forecasting suite, offers a concise, comparative advertising data for a local market.
For the chosen local market, the report provides a snapshot of media share for each of the 12 media segments, now and 5 years from now, and 12 verticals

Media covered in the report:

  • Direct mail
  • Local video
  • Local over-the-air television
  • Local cable television
  • Out-of-home/OOH video
  • Newspaper
  • Online
  • Radio
  • Mobile
  • Directories
  • Social
  • Magazines

Verticals covered in the report:
1. Automotive
2. Education
3. Financial/Insurance
4. General Services
5. Government/Political/Religion
6. Health Care
7. Leisure/Recreation
8. Media
9. Real Estate
10. Restaurants/Food Services
11. Retail
12. Technology

Business uses for Market Ad View:

  • Gain understanding of all paid media spending targeting local audiences in a local market
  • Understand size of opportunities
  • Track spend in traditional and online
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