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Defining the Local Stake in Programmatic Advertising


Few topics have captured the attention of the advertising world in the past six months as much as programmatic advertising. BIA/Kelsey examines this trend and its implications for local in the Insight Paper “Defining the Local Stake in Programmatic Advertising.

This paper introduces the programmatic opportunity and examines its applicability toward local media. The first industry report of its kind to do this, it is the inaugural release of a series that examines the emerging world of programmatic advertising.


Number of Pages: 9

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The Insight Paper Defining the Local Stake in Programmatic Advertising ” introduces the programmatic opportunity and examines its applicability toward local media.


The paper examines:

  • The definition and historical development of programmatic advertising and its expansion into premium inventory and multiple media channels.
  • Programmatic’s remarkable gains in efficiency for marketers, publishers, and brands.
  • The growth of programmatic beyond low-value remnant auctions to become a powerful cross-channel tool for the creation of sophisticated campaigns.
  • The impact of automation and increased efficiency on traditional sales teams, many of whom will be redirected to higher levels of client service.
  • The opportunity for local publishers to offer small businesses and nationwide chains a more effective method of local ad targeting, with particular value in key verticals.
  • The emerging focus on mobile and video.
  • Key insights from industry leaders.
  • The potential for programmatic to challenge traditional views of local with targeting based on the consumer’s physical location.


List of Figures & Tables

  • Percentage of Brands & Agencies Purchasing Programmatically in Various Media Channels
  • A Guide to Programmatic Deal Types
  • Use of Programmatic for Different Ad Types
  • Local Verticals Ripe for Programmatic


“The marketer’s dream is to drive conversions by delivering ads that are targeted with a high degree of precision. That dream is getting closer to reality. Programmatic and automation techniques and practices eliminate many of the inefficiencies, errors and opportunity costs that come with dozens of dashboards used to plan, buy/sell, execute and evaluate campaigns.”

Peter Krasilovsky, Vice President and Chief Analyst, BIA/Kelsey, Report Author


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